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Save up to $400.00 With The Backyard Party Overnight or Multi-day Package.

Overnight Bouncy Castle Rentals: Extend the Fun, Double the Excitment! 


How It Works Instructions:

Add the Bouncy Castle or Water Slide to your cart.

1) Choose Your Date.

2) Choose your start times (We will deliver before this time)

3) Choose Overnight +$75 and we will assign a pick up time of 11:30 AM or later or Multi-day +$100 select 3:00 PM pick up time (We will assign a pick up time of 3:00 PM or later for this deal)

4) Proceed to Checkout to submit your order.

Package Includes:
  • Choice of (1) bouncy castle or water slide.


Make your backyard party an unforgettable experience with our Overnight +$75 bouncy castle rental service! Extend the excitement well into the night and let the fun continue as the kids wake up to find the inflatable still in their backyard. Simply turn the blower back on, and they'll be bouncing and laughing in no time! It's the perfect added value to any event, ensuring that the fun lasts long after the party ends. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to create lasting memories for your children and their friends!

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