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We ask that all reservations be processed online so that you can provide us with all the correct detailed information required to ensure you experience the best customer service we can offer for your special event. Once the reservation has been completed online an email will be sent automatically to confirm the reservation is in our system. You must ensure all information is correct as we will use the information on your invoice to manage your event.


The Lessee hires from Castle Kid Party Rentals as Lessor, the equipment listed on the invoice along with all items involved setting up an inflatable, Game or Photo Booth including but not limited to Tarps, Extension cords, Hammers, Ground Stakes, and Dollies that have been used to erect the amusement device. The Lessee agrees to return all equipment in the same condition as it was when delivered notwithstanding ordinary wear and tear under normal use as outlined in the Rider & Operating Safety Rules. The equipment will be leased in accordance with the times listed on the invoice to the customer based on the arrival time from the time of commencement, Delivery Time to Pick up Time as the customer has chosen & stated on the rental invoice. The customer agrees Castle Kid can deliver any time up to 24 hours before the event times listed on the invoice and will pick up the equipment at or within 24 hours after the hours stated on the rental invoice at no extra charge to the customer. However, Castle Kid Jumping Castles will only be obligated to the times stated on the invoice.

The Customer agrees to allow only kids of the age of 3 to 12 years to be permitted to use the Amusement Device and to keep all kids of the same size and weight to bounce at the same time. Maximum weight varies on each device however as a general rule 100 Lbs. or less per rider is acceptable (Adults are allowed to accompany small children if needed)

Delivery & Pick Up Scheduling

We will use the information listed on your invoice along with all other customers we are servicing to build our delivery and pick-up schedules. We will need no less than 72 hours’ notice prior to your event date of any changes you may need to make to your event times on file. It is company policy NOT to deliver through houses, up or down, stairs, steep hills or lift inflatables off the ground when delivering. Driver must be able to safely wheel inflatable on a dolly from street to set up location. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure ALL required space requirements found on the product page of the inflatable you are renting have been met.


The customer understands that an order is not guaranteed unless all deposits and amounts due for the equipment are paid in full no later than 72 hrs prior to the delivery date. You agree Castle Kid has the right to charge credit cards you have provided to obtain payment.


We will work closely with you in times of *unsettled weather and ask that you stay in close contact by phone, text messaging, and E-mail leading up to your event. We strongly suggest you use www.theweathernetwork.com for your source of weather information and look at the “Hourly Report” 24–48 hrs. prior to your event rental.

There is no penalty or deposit lost for an event canceled due to *unsettled weather if the customer has given notification to Steve via email at steve@castlekid.ca or by text message at (905) 571-0014 no later than 48 hrs before your rental event start time as it is shown on the invoice. For example, if your event was on a Saturday and it started at 11:00 AM we would require notice on the Thursday by 11:00 AM prior to your event.

There will be no discounts and full payment will be due if notification or cancelation has not been made in accordance with the above policy. (We reserve the right to cancel any rental due to safety or unsettled weather conditions (Rain, high winds)).

*Unsettled Weather will be determined by www.theweathernetwork.com when rain is showing 4mm or more or high winds of 25km/h or higher.

Please Note:

Weather conditions can change quickly and often and so in most cases we will always plan on delivering our equipment as we service a wide area and weather conditions may vary across the region, we may need to deliver the equipment ahead of a storm to meet your event times. We will set up and secure the equipment if rain or high winds arise you must evacuate all riders immediately and turn off the blower and let the inflatable fall back to the ground so that the winds do not lift the inflatable off the ground into the air.



Our customer service is what sets us apart. We understand that there may be an unforeseen issue arise and will always listen to your circumstance to ensure we are fair with our valued customers. We ask that you please notify us as soon as possible in the event you need to cancel or reschedule your order however all refunds will follow the guidelines listed below unless we decide otherwise. any service charge that is incurred may be applied to a rescheduled event as long as it is rescheduled for the same year as the original order.



 14 day + in advance notice there will be a $25 service charge.

 8 to 13 days in advance there will be a $75 service charge.

 7 days or less in advance there will be 50% service charge as we will not have

time to re-rent the product out.


On the website, www.castlekid.ca find the actual product page for your rental. On the top right-hand side, if using a desktop computer, you will find the actual and Minimum Required Safety space needed for your inflatable. Measure your designated setup location to ensure the Minimum Safety Space has been met along with all minimum pathway and gate entrance minimums have been met to safely deliver your rental. We require a 43-inch-wide gate for combo slides and a 38-Inch Gate for 13x13 Bouncers. Drivers will need a 48-inch-wide pathway to safely navigate the equipment from our delivery truck to your set up location.


Customers must make sure the setup location is ready before the driver arrives. By ensuring lawns are mowed, vehicles or any other obstacles are out of the pathway from the road to set up location and that any animal feces have been cleared thru pathway and set up location. If the site is not ready before the driver is scheduled to arrive the customer may be charged with an additional handling or delivery fee. If the site is not prepared the driver may be forced to leave to continue with other deliveries and their schedule will not allow them to return in most cases.


Please be ready to inform the driver of any overhead or underground utilities such as but not limited to gas lines phone or cable lines, septic or sprinkler systems that may interfere with the ability to safely erect the inflatable. The customer assumes all responsibility for any damage to underground equipment or landscaping resulting from equipment installation.



During the busy seasons of June-September, we may need to deliver your equipment up to 24 hours prior to your event times at NO EXTRA CHARGE. We may also need to come back up to 24 hours after your event time to pick up the equipment. However, we will only guarantee the times on your rental invoice.

Prior to your delivery, we will finalize the delivery routes, you will be assigned an estimated delivery window time and notified by text or e-mail with an estimated time of arrival for the driver to deliver and set up your inflatable. If you are unable to be home, please ensure the driver has access to the setup location such as unlocking the gate.

Delivery route times usually start at 7:00 AM on Saturday & Sundays up until the time you have chosen on your order however your guaranteed rental time will not start until the time you have chosen. For example, you may have chosen your rental period to be 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM but Castle Kid might deliver at 7:00 AM your pick-up time would remain 4:00 PM or later. Equipment will be delivered to the street address listed on the invoice and must remain at that location by the customer. Customer grants Castle Kid and its employees the right to enter the property at the said location for the delivery and subsequent pick up of all equipment in accordance with the pre-delivery instructions you have provided at the time of your reservation on our online pre-delivery form.


Providing adequate electricity is solely the customer’s responsibility. We require the outlet to be no more than 100 feet from the setup location. We require a minimum of 15 AMP dedicated Outlet, to run the blower for your inflatable if you have rented more than 1 inflatable, we will require a separate outlet on a separate breaker for each inflatable rented. The outlet you provide must be a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter or GFCI (Most outdoor outlets in the last 20 years or so meet this requirement) If you are not able to provide sufficient power, we offer Generators at an additional rental fee.


Lessee agrees to return the CASTLE KID unit in the same condition as when received, ordinary wear expected. This includes but is not limited to cleaning out any grass clippings, dirt, balloons, balls or other materials including clothing that may have been left behind and agrees to pay additional costs of up to $300 will be charged for equipment that needs to be cleaned do to the improper use of equipment in accordance with the safety operation rules. These charges may also be applied if the equipment is not ready for pick up by the end time outlined on your invoice.


ALL EQUIPMENT MUST BE CLEANED and returned in the same condition as delivered prior to the driver arriving to pick up to ensure no further charges apply in accordance with the Additional Fees/Delay or Hold charges found below. Please return the equipment in the same condition you received it.


Lessee agrees to keep the CASTLE KID unit in his/her custody and not to remove it from the Delivery Address. The CASTLE KID unit will remain the property of the Lessor and may not be removed by Lessor at any time.



Lessee shall oversee the CASTLE KID equipment and be responsible for the safe operation as outlined in the rider and operator safety policies and is fully responsible for its operation. Lessor and its officers, employees, and agents are not responsible for injury occurring to the Lessee or to any other persons using the CASTLE KID equipment and the Lessee further agree to hold the Lessor and its officers, employees and agents free and harmless against any injury or legal claims. The Lessee shall indemnify the Lessor against any costs incurred due to claims from any patrons attending the event.


 There will be a standard nonnegotiable additional fee of up to $50.00 per rental item if our staff needs to set up equipment and re-roll to retrieve left behind items once the inflatable has already been rolled up.

 There will be a standard nonnegotiable additional fee of $300.00 per rental item applied to the rental for holding up or delaying drivers or for cleaning costs if the equipment is found to have been misused or neglected as outlined in the Rider & Operating Safety Rules.

 Failure to pay any outstanding balances owing within 48 Hrs. after the rental agreement will result in an additional non-payment charge of 25% of the total rental agreement.

 Customer agrees to pay all legal fees and court costs incurred by Castle Kid Jumping Castles & Party Rentals on enforcing these terms and agreements within this policy.

 The customer agrees to pay for any loss or damage to equipment incurred while in possession of the equipment and agrees to maintain the equipment in the same condition as when received. Ordinary wear and tear will be determined by Castle Kid or the representative, Damages and/or losses will be assessed at the full replacement cost plus shipping or if the item can be repaired. The determination as to whether an item will be repaired or replaced lies solely with Castle Kid Jumping Castles.


Children’s safety depends on you. Adult supervision is always required while the inflatable is in use. As the Lessee of the CASTLE KID Equipment the safety of all riders is your responsibility, and you agree to follow all rules posted on the front of the inflatable and outlined in the RIDER SAFETY RULES & POLICIES DOCUMENT included in this agreement.


• Never enter the inflatable unless an attendant is present.

• Remove shoes, eyeglasses, and any sharp objects

before entering the ride.

• No face paint, food, drinks, gum, pets, or silly string in

or around the inflatable.

• Running, somersaults, diving, wrestling, rough play

, and flips are prohibited.

• Play away from others and away from the sides including

the entrance/exits safety step.

• Do not jump onto or off the ride.

• Riders should be sorted by size. Only riders of the same

size should be allowed in the ride at the same time.

• Only children 3-12 years of age should be permitted

to ride. Maximum weight per rider is 100 lbs. or less.

Parents are allowed to accompany small children.

• Exit immediately if the unit begins to lose air.


• Go down the slide FEET FIRST ONLY.

• No more than 1 RIDER at a time in the slide area.

• Socks must be worn by all children when using the slide.


• The operator must strictly enforce all safety rules and

always be in control of the ride.

• Ensure bystanders observe from a safe distance a

minimum of 3 feet perimeter should be kept around

all sides of the inflatable.

• The operator should assist riders on and off the ride.

• The ride must be securely tied down.

• The blower requires a ground fault protection circuit.

(Outdoor GFCI outlets have been mandatory by

home builders since the 1970s)

• Absolutely no sand or dirt permitted in the inflatable*.

• Always keep children away from the blower and

should only be operated by the supervising adult.

• Do not use and immediately deflate the ride, if winds

exceed 25 Km/hour and/or it begins to rain.

• Persons with mental or physical impairment SHOULD NOT be allowed to use this ride.

Castle Kid Jumping Castles
Castle Kid Jumping Castles
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