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Our Weather Policy


Important Details About Weather


100% Refund will be given on any weather forecast of 5mm of rain or more by The Weather Network during the event times you have chosen on your invoice agreement. Please email no later than 72 HRS BEFORE your rental start date.


What You Need To Know

Weather is always changing so it is important to monitor the weather forecasts closely 72 hours before your event. 

Our No Hassle Weather Policy is simple: If the weather conditions do not allow us to safely set up and operate our equipment, we will work with you to find a suitable alternative date. This could be in the same week, or even the following week. If it is not possible to reschedule, then we will issue a full refund if canceling due to more than 5 mm of rain during the event times you have selected on your invoice. We understand how disappointing it can be to cancel an event and will always do our best to provide you with the best possible solution to ensure your getting your money's worth.

Weather may be different from one location to the next: We all know the weather can change very quickly and as with any outdoor event we are at the mercy of mother nature, Although it does not happen very often, we may have to cancel due to very poor weather or other extreme conditions to ensure the safety of the kids and our equipment.

We will always plan to make the delivery even if there may be a little rain in the forecast or a brief weather disruption often during the summer month we may get a storm that blows past and although it may be a nuisance but the PARTY MUST GO ON!
We understand that the weather can be unpredictable and we want to make sure your event goes as smoothly as possible. If we have a concern for safety or we feel you just won't get your money's worth during a forecast of inclement weather, we will send you a text or try giving you a call at the phone number you have provided on your invoice. However, once we have arrived, regardless of the length of time the equipment is used, the full price is still payable.

We also reserve the right to cancel if the forecast calls for high winds (over 24 km/h ), rain, or thunderstorms, as this can be a risk to participants and cause damage to equipment. If it is actively raining, the wind is above 24 km/h, and/or the temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius, If the driver has arrived and conditions are not safe they may not set up.

We value the safety of your children above all else and will not take any chances when it comes to the weather.


It Can Take Time To Deflate The Bouncy Castle Be Sure To Plan Ahead

When operating an inflatable in your backyard often you will have protection from the wind such as your house, fence, shed, or your neighbor's house and so the winds will not pick up in the same way as they would if setting up in an open field. It is important to have a mature and capable adult supervising at all times.

Inflatable bouncy castles come in various shapes and sizes and may be manufactured in different countries. Quality manufacturers typically include Safety Operation Guidelines at the entrance of the device, including information such as maximum riders, wind speeds, and other rules for safe operation. 

1. It is most important to monitor wind speeds continuously, 24 km/h winds are s
trong enough to straighten flying flags and shake small tree branches. Expect dust and loose paper garbage to fly around in the air.

2. If wind speeds reach or exceed, the bouncy castle safe operating guidelines it must be shut down immediately and all users/riders must exit the structure.
3. The bouncy castle must not be inflated until wind speeds have dropped below 24 km/h and it has been determined that it is safe to use again.
4. In the event of gusty or unpredictable wind conditions, the bouncy castle must be deflated at the discretion of the supervisor or operator, even if wind speeds have not reached 24 km/h.
5. Users of the bouncy castle must follow all instructions and warnings provided by the supervisor or operator, including any instructions to exit the structure in the event of high wind conditions.
6. Any violations of this wind policy may result in the termination of the rental agreement and the forfeiture of any fees paid.

Procedures You Would Need To Follow During Inclement Weather
It Can Take Time To Deflate The Bouncy Castle Be Sure To Plan Ahead

1. Assess the situation: Are the kids in any immediate danger? If so, take action immediately to get them to a secure place indoors.

2. Talk to the kids: Explain the situation and why it is important to get out of the inflatable castle.

3. Offer reassurance: Let the kids know that you will stay with them and help them get out safely.
4. Make it fun: Play a game as you help them exit out of the castle. 
5. Keep an eye on the weather: Monitor the situation and if the weather gets worse, turn off the blower immediately.
7. There is a power switch on the blower that sits at the back of most inflatables. Turn off and open any zippers to allow the air to escape quickly.
8. Once the weather disruption has passed and it is safe to do so. Simply turn the blower back on and wipe dry with some old towels, the kids will be excited to play in the wet bouncy castle 🏰

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