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Important Details and Instructions About Park Deliveries!

Please Review In Detail To Ensure We Can Service Your Event!
A minimum order of $450.00 is required for all Park Deliveries. Additional administration or delivery fees may be applied. 

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: TSSA-licensed inflatables are required by law to be used for any event not on residential property if guests will be climbing or bouncing on the device. You can review more details about the TSSA and Ontario Laws HERE


What You Need To Know!


Planning a Bouncy Castle Rental In a Park

To obtain a permit for a bouncy castle in a park, follow these instructions to get started:


1. Submit a request to the City or Park at least 14 business days before your park site reservation date, there may be a fee for that.

2. You may be asked to provide a certificate of general or personal liability insurance for a minimum of $2,000,000 to $ 5,000,000 if your request is approved. You may also be asked for the company that is providing the inflatables to have their insurance policy name the city or park as additional insured. It is extremely important that you get a full understanding of the requirements needed for your event at the location you choose. We will require at least 7 days to obtain a COI if requested so it is important you are booking well in advance.  

3. Use a TSSA Licensed operator such as Castle Kid Jumping Castles and Party Rentals, who is TSSA Licensed, Certified, and fully insured. 4. Each inflatable kids bounce or climb on will be required by law to have rules we must follow  when setting up the inflatable ride. A dedicated power source within 75 feet of the set-up location will be required. If you are unable to have adequate power you will need to rent one of our generators. (We will not use yours)

5. Provide Castle Kid Jumping Castles with a 2-hour window we can schedule the delivery and a 2-hour window we can schedule the pick-up. 

6. We will also need to know how we access the site location with our truck and trailer. Our equipment is heavy and we must be able to access the set-up location with ease.

If you wish to place an order for a Park it is best to contact us first to be sure we can accomodate your request


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Any inflatables the kids jump or bounce in must have a mature attendant supervising at all times stationed at the front entrance; inflatable games do not require their own attendant.

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