Tropical Combo Slide

Tropical Combo Slide
The Tropical Combo Slide is a great addition to any party! The 10 x 10 bounce area leads to a climb wall that then turns into a slide that has a gentle grade so that the younger kids can slide down at a safe gentle speed. This Combo Slide is great for kids in the age 3-12 years of age.

If you are looking for a Combo Slide for older kids 8+ we suggest you check out the CK4 Combo units those units provide a larger bounce area 10 x 13 with a basket ball net in the back corner that has a very fast large slide that will keep kids of all ages entertained during the whole party!
PRICE: $275.00
plus Tax and Delivery
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up to 7 kids
Actual Size:
19 ft. L x 15 ft. W x 13 ft. H
Minimum Safety Bouncer Space Required:
25 ft. x 21 ft. x 16 ft. H
Gateway/Pathway Required:
40 Inches Gateway & 4 ft. Pathway
All inflatables will need a fairly flat surface to set up on. Driveways or patios are acceptable.
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