15 x 15 Dora The Explorer

15 x 15 Dora The Explorer
Dora the Explorer 15' x 15' bouncer allows children to play, laugh, and learn with the sweet Spanish-teaching Dora. This jumper has Dora on a new exploration, with her best friend Boots and her trusty magical backpack. Kids can watch out for the stealing fox Swiper, who is never too far away. Participants can jump and bounce all day in this large spacious inflatable bouncer
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up to 8 kids
Actual Size:
15 ft. L x 15 ft. W x 14 ft. H
Minimum Safety Bouncer Space Required:
19 ft. W x 20 ft. x 16 ft. H
Gateway/Pathway Required:
36 Inches Gateway & 4 ft. Pathway
All inflatables will need a fairly flat surface to set up on. Driveways or patios are acceptable.
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